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Blogging To Compensate For Poor Social Skills Since 2003.

No really, I'm not kidding.

Affordable Beans
I am a shut-in! Join me on my exciting adventures around the house!

I've got a cat and I'm disabled by chronic illness. Who can offer you more?

I've also got fish.

Be aware that if I add you to my f-list, you'll see many more posts than you are seeing now. I usually post a few times a day. And yes, I tend to write about many aspects of my life and many of my interests all in the one place. Keeping it old school, yes I am.


Other stuff you should know:

1. It's not that I'm not all warm and fuzzy when it's appropriate, but mostly if you think I need a *hug*, try offering me *chocolate* instead.

2. These days I don't philosophise much, or rant amusingly, it's more just an accounting of my time. I'm not sure why my journal has gone this way, or whether it will always be like this, but if you like the accounting of daily doings you're welcome to read.

3. There's a lot of stuff here about chronic illness, don't stick around if it's going to wig you out. I prefer not to get maudlin, but that's more for my sake than yours, and the impact of chronic illness is such that it is not an avoidable topic.

And it's not just that it's too big to be politely ignored, if this is the life I'm leading, if this is the material I've got, this is what I'll write about. And when I'm able, I'll philosophise about the experience of illness and all its ramifications until the cows come home. I promise that if my life takes a different turn, you'll read about that too.

4. I have had severe ME/CFS/CFIDS since 1998. If you want to know more about how this effects me, go here and have a look around. As it happens, I also have Crohn's Disease and a couple of other health problems (they travel in packs, dontchaknow) but the thing that actually cripples me appears to be ME/CFS. At least, that's the best theory anyone's got right now.

5. The severity of my illness is such that I've been bedridden to the point of needing personal care in the past, I'm now housebound and rarely get out of the house more than two or three times in week, and if I do more than that, chances are I'll be hit for six. I have severe cognitive fatigue (brainfog). I engage in both physical and mental activity in very short bursts only. So I choose modest goals and I roll with the punches as gracefully as I can. Please don't be thinking that writing in LJ is somehow proof that I could do so much more. It ain't.

6. No exciting miracle cures. Or rescue missions. "Helpful" advice is also pretty dicey. I manage pretty well, if I need specific advice I ask for it, and I know my situation better than you do. (Tl;dr: I am an arrogant cow).

7. I'm a left leaning feminist and I can't be bothered proving that I'm not one of those man-hating evil ones that everyone's heard of but never actually met who wants to cut off your penis. Or your husband's penis. Or your best mate's penis. Or all three of them at once, with a cutlass. No. I promise I don't.

I trust that's all clear.