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I am feeling not-crap.

I've done a few things. More than I expected.

I've had coffee. I completely ran out yesterday after a couple of days of rationing. Last week when I was really crook I got a supermarket online delivery, but hadn't gotten coffee because I hoped to get that on Frday from the market. However, come Friday I was too sick to go and too brain-fuddled to just send out a carer with a shopping list.

But saintly Big Sister rang today and on hearing about the coffee situation she heroically dropped some off on her way past. Also, dinner.

Of course, it means I go back to my plan of quitting regular coffee sometime soooon instead of right now.

I am back to tidying and sorting. Not physically (much), but in other respects. There's very little creative happenning within, nor have I much curiousity about the outside world. I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing, I feel like I'm getting a sense of mastery and control over my life. But it will need to change at some point.


I have had a few days of renovations: an airconditioner guy has been busy with installation. Nice enough chap, and I think the non-demanding presence of another human has been good for me. I've also been getting more thoughtful about food: I made a passable guacamole the other night, have baked quinces (athough again, they weren't as nice as they could be), and have plans for a couple of eggplants.

Incidentally, precooked microwave rice sachets are awesome.

I've sorted my pantry.


Tomorrow I am going to visit Margaret.


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Jun. 11th, 2013 02:13 pm (UTC)
Those microwave rice sachets are really versatile and can serve as the base of many meals.
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