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1. The Monet exhibition. Holy crap but reproductions just don't cut the mustard. Much of his work is beautiful, but it's not pretty like it is when it's on a dinner plate or a postcard. Realised at one point that I was reading a painting. Really reading. Had to explain it to 17catherines over dinner. It's not about the context, it's about following the brushstrokes and staring at one bit for a really long time.

2. I like to think my insouciance and panache are making mobility scooters look sexy. Not quite up to winking at strangers yet though.

3. Davetoo has gasped his last. The lovely 17catherines and jesusandrew have loaned me a laptop which will be put to good use in helping me find a new one. And in catching up on all the other things that have been recently neglected due to laptop sickliness. And also in just keeping me feeling like I'm not living on a desert island.

4. The beret I made for Margaret looks quite nice on her, if I may say so myself. And it was really nice to see her.

5. I bought a book about Rococo and then neo-classical painter Elizabeth Vigee LeBrun, one day I will tell you why she's interesting.

6. And the catalogue of the exhibition I saw with Margaret last year, having realised they're nearly run out but still put them on sale. Secondhand sites have been no help.

7. Andand some of those word fridge magnets, only these ones are French! My fridge is well on the way to being adorned with sad poetry in mangled franglais.

8. I also bought a reproduction of the painting I got so excited about but it already just looks sad. Pretty and pointless, like I feared it would. None of the insane glimmering sense of thinginess of the real thing. Oh well.

9. Pink Floyd have a message on one of their records that you can only hear when you play it backwards. We have played it backwards. Life is good.


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Aug. 2nd, 2013 02:54 pm (UTC)
I saw a special Monet exhibit once at the National Gallery in London and was amazed at how much better he is in person. The colours, light etc. all come to life. I've seen many of the Impressionists since then up close and personal and am still amazed at what I see every. single. time.

Reading a painting is a perfect way to express it.

My fridge is officially more magnets than fridge.
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