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I am always a little freaked out when I turn round in a shop and find myself face to face with another adult.

It's really unsettling.

For those who came in late, normally when I find myself face to face with anyone, they are no more than 10 years old.

(I'm quite short).

And trust me (those of you who'll point out you've only got two inches on me) when one only ever looks up, however slightly, looking face to face feels like looking down and one needs a moment to reestablish one's equanimity.

So yeah, that's something that happened to me today. In fact she may have been shorter, it's just that I honestly couldn't tell whether I was looking level or looking down. I only know that I was not looking up.

Mind you, I was wearing clogs with heels. (Now that I need a walking stick when I'm out and about, I've become perversely comfortable with the wearing of foolish footwear. After all, I've got a walking stick to help and no one expects me to walk normally anyway. And when I'm on Bazza, all bets are off).


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Nov. 3rd, 2013 09:14 am (UTC)
Its a nice feeling, isn't it?

Did I tell you about the woman I saw at the pharmacist a few months ago who was SO tiny...she was with her teenage daughter, except from the back I thought she was a little sister. She can't have been much over 4ft tall. I swear, she was the height and build (from the back) of an 8year old girl- then she turned around and was clearly a woman in he 40s.
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