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More aargh.

Okay, the cat is now medicated, although the vet did wonder if the smell was simply that the area around the tray hadn't been mopped well enough in the past, and is now reeking because of the heat. This would also explain why the smell was transferred to the kitchen with mopping. Much as I like my carer, this may be true.

But we decided to treat for a UTI anyway. Apart from that, she's still looking pretty good. Her thyroid is enlarged but since her appetite has not increased, it's unlikely to be thyroid disease and even if it is, treatment would be complicated and not necessarily beneficial.

I've blown all my spoons on this fuss, and I still have floor to mop to try and get rid of this stink, so my getting-things-done day has not happened.


Fortunately I have leftovers in the fridge, so at least that part of the day is sorted.

ETA: floor in laundry has been remopped. Extra whuff of stink when I pulled the washing machine out. I think my fuzzy little friend has been missing the cat tray. I used to place the cat tray atop newspaper spread out in all directions, but who gets newspapers now? I get the little local rag when it doesn't blow away down the street, and that's barely enough to line the tray itself. Heavens. What's a crazy cat lady to do? Start buying a real newspaper again? Surely not!

Also, it's just sinking that I spent $110 having a vet come by to treat my cat for a UTI...but also to gently suggest that I live in filthmy carers aren't working hard enough. FML.

Also also, Newboi! has not yet replied to urgent text for sympathy on the grounds of possibly sick cat, and foul smelling house. I think it's an entirely reasonable request, so he'd better hurry up. It's not like I'm asking him to do the actual mopping.


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Feb. 13th, 2014 11:48 pm (UTC)
Are you going to speak to the agency about this? I hope so, because this failure could have had serious health consequences for you as well as Fuzzychops.
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