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Shopping today, now exhausted.

And so very much _not_ short of food. In spite of a recent plan to be super realistic about how much I eat...and the observation recently that when I planned meals for a week, I had enough meals for a fortnight what with leftovers and all, there is so much stuff in my fridge that frankly, I feel a little overwhelmed.

Mind you, I am learning to stock up on cheap, long keeping items from Aldi. So I probably shouldn't be getting an attack of the vapours just because I've got three tubs of margarine. And 28 tins of tuna (in brine) atop the freezer, because they're cat food and I've got four weeks until I go back to Aldi again to get more cat food (but not margarine, obv.).


And it's now Friday afternoon and I'm really not sure where the week went. I had such ambitious plans.

My weekend consists of dinner at a friend's house, a quiet day tomorrow and then off to hang around with Newboi! on Sunday. So I'm sure that tomorrow I'll get all that stuff done, so long as business hours phone calls are not required. Totes sure.

And all those books I've been meaning to finish.

Actually maybe I'll do the books first - I have a couple of books three quarters finished at the moment, and of course, several art books that require further browsing, and an indeterminate number that I intend to read before I die, so I should probably get started ASAP.

ETA: How the hell do you get humidity and smoke haze at the same time? Wouldn't the water vapour absorb the smoke particles and drop down to earth or something? Or maybe the smoke would absorb the water, but nonetheless, one way or another, wouldn't it all drop down to earth and stop bothering everyone?

At the moment, the air smells like bong water. And also like bong water, you wouldn't imbibe it willingly, not even for a dare.


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Feb. 15th, 2014 01:01 am (UTC)
When you have too much food, maybe you could invite friends to come over one night and play the "what can we cook with these ingredients" game? Easy mode: you tell them in advance what some of the ingredients are, and they're allowed to bring additional ingredients. Hard mode: You don't tell them what you have in stock. Expert mode: They're not allowed to bring anything!

Edited at 2014-02-15 01:03 am (UTC)
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