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It's a warm but still comfortable day, with a light breeze (and no smoke haze). Doors and windows are open.

I've done a giant to-do list, but as it was an attempt to include everything I can think of, big and small, I don't feel compelled to rush. Moreover, it includes things like 'do some laundry', and I can hear the washing machine going.

Last night as I was dozing off I came up with what amounts to a universal theory for understanding the operation of the gender binary in art and literature. Pretty good for someone who hasn't done anything remotely academic in 20 years and was only ever a B student anyway. I will remember it later. I hope I can, because I recall thinking it was great and that it should be written down and shared with the world. Then I thought that it was so great I would surely remember it when I woke up.

I hope it doesn't work out like that time when I was a teenager and the best song ever occurred to me just as I was dozing off. Then, as last night, I was convinced I couldn't possibly forget it so I didn't need to write it down.

That memory, of failing to become a famous rock star, did flash through my mind last night when I was contemplating rolling over and jotting down the definitive explanation in my diary (which was on the cat's side of the bed), but I feel certain that this is far more memorable.

This was in spite of the fact that last night's epiphany was perhaps more abstract than well formed in, as it were, grammatical terms. Or in terms of vocabulary: the words weren't quite there - I knew I'd have to use synonyms, antonyms, arrows and probably lots of question marks, and iron it all out today or tomorrow.

Still, it's nice to know that it's all there and will be finalised as soon as I care to look.

Time to put in another load of laundry!


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