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Saturday Blather.

The 4 slice toaster I rescued from hard rubbish is now on my naturestrip, ready for someone else to rescue it. I bet it's gone within the day, on account of it looking quite flash. There are already far more utes and cars with trailers than usual, moving slowly along the street, even though very few people have put their stuff out yet.

Nothing within casual glancing distance of my front fence looks to be of use to me, if I'm feeling chipper I might go out later for a proper look.

Eldest Brother is visiting tomorrow to haul my big items out for me.

Feeling considerably less ragged than yesterday, although I am going to err on the side of caution as regards movement and exertion. And I might continue to consume hydralyte icy poles, just to be on the safe side. Now I'm just trying to work out what it is I actually *do* on days like today - I'm well enough to be antsy about just lying on the couch but it's also one of those days when I can't actually remember my routines very well and the days' options have to be worked out from scratch.

I do so wish I could live by external routines, they're a lot less work.


The Giro d'Italia was lovely last night: the stage winner being a relatively unknown chap (Canola) from a wildcard team, Bardiani-CSF (a lesser team that's invited on the basis of names drawn from a hat, basically). And the chap who broke his femur last week is up on a walking frame already, this pleases me greatly.

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