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A Jolly Day.

Had a cheerful chat with ItscomplicatedBoi! early today, had a nice email exchange with someone else, had a healthy breakfast.

Eldest Brother came by. We had a lovely natter, and he also hauled Stufff(TM) out on to the naturestrip for me. The knitting machine has already inspired a lot of interest (helped by the fact that Eldest thought to place it on its special table with its box of parts and manual). I think it's still there but if it isn't gone by tomorrow I will be very surprised. Likewise the toaster oven.

And I'm really not kidding about the number of cars with trailers doing slow crawls along the street. It's very entertaining. Alas, Eldest Brother didn't have time to take me out for a spin...probably for the best really

He is also quite keen to look into the plumbing drama of a few weeks ago, because he thinks I was probably swindled and I'm inclined to agree. So we'll be doing that. And he helped rearrange my kitchen. Eldest Brother is awesome. <3

And the lovely [personal profile] 17catherines and [personal profile] jesusandrew have just invited me over for tea. It's all win today.

All I need now is for Cadel Evans to pick up 38 more seconds in the Giro d'Italia tonight and my life is complete.

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