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1. Lavender salt, because the lovely Catherine at Cate's Cates recommends it in some things I like. Alas, the usual suspects at Preston Market don't have it.

2. Kulfi moulds. I like making kulfi, but have only ever made it in 1 litre takeaway tubs, which have a tendency to crack when you're trying to get the kulfi out. And you only ever want small serves of kulfi, so dainty little moulds are the way to go. I can probably get these from one of the High Street Indian groceries.

3. A better way to arrange my spices. Packets stuffed in a jar are too much fuss and bother. Not sure what to do about this. I only ever buy tiny amounts of spice because I get through so little that a traditional spice rack with jars is simply too much spice.

4. Those rubber seals for jars! I'm forever carrying one in my bag to remind me, but I can't find them in any of the usual places I go to.

5. Dried figs that don't taste like soap. The last lot of dried figs I bought tasted soapy. I'll need someone to taste one for me first, as the experience has made me wary. I want to like dried figs again.

6. Easy recipes for silver beet, as I grow plenty but eat it rarely. We ate homegrown silverbeet when I was growing up, but only boiled plain, and it's kind of dull that way so it's only ever a stop-gap. Internet here I come.

7. Nearly out of mirin, and want to get some peanut oil to add to the condiments and oil collection.

8. Roll-out pantry shelves in a better kitchen.

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Aug. 1st, 2014 02:56 pm (UTC)
I so need more space for spices. My cupboards are so small and old and I do keep jars full but don't have room for a proper spicerack. Dilemma!
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