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I Forgot To Mention This.

When I saw my gastroenterologist on Thursday, we mused on where things were at compared to where they were only a year ago.

About a year ago, I was steeling myself for major surgery. A full colectomy, no less. In fact, when I met Newboi!, part of my enthusiasm was the poignant sense of impending loss, and wanting to have a last, crazy romance before it became extremely unlikely that I'd have another.

(Mind you, while we were wandering down the street with an unspoken agreement something was likely to happen between us within a couple of minutes in the back room of a secondhand bookshop, I told him what I was facing, and gave him the offer of leaving quickly. He replied that he wasn't going anywhere. Within a couple of minutes we were in the bookshop, pashing in the literary criticism section because it's always deserted, and having a great old time. He later told me such a thing as a colostomy would not have put him off and I shouldn't worry too much about its likely impact on my sex life.)

The point being, that surgery is entirely *not* indicated now.




And all because of a last attempt to get me well, a long shot, using a very old drug (allopurinol) that's no longer under patent and therefore dirt cheap, that they've found improves the efficacy of one of my maintenance drugs (Imuran).

And there are new treatments for Crohn's Disease coming out. Both rediscoveries of old drugs and better combinations, like the one that's helped me, and the development of new ones.


This is good.

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Aug. 3rd, 2014 10:56 am (UTC)
This is VERY good!
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