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GardenGirl is painting a brown brick wall white, and it's looking fantastic. Makes my garden look twice as big. I failed to do a 'before' photo, so there's no point doing an 'after', but just imagine a mid-brown brick wall, some parts of which are in permanent shade, in an otherwise dingy, flat, windswept part of the world with not enough trees.


Council care today was meal prep/social support, I elected to go with social support, which meant she drove me to a local art supply place where I dithered at a sales assistant and then blew a truckload of money on oil paints.


I have two new tops, courtesy of the lovely [personal profile] hometime.


Joints are very stiff today! No reason that I can think of. But I'm otherwise okay.


And my latest Coursera course, Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects doesn't look like it will prove superuseful (by which I mean it won't magic away my CFS cognitive problems and enable me to learn everything in the entire world), but doesn't look like it will be beyond me. Sat through a week of lectures on Saturday, aced the multiple choice on my first go.

The most useful bit will be a project in which I need to work out how I'll use the techniques on a specific learning goal. Which means I'd better find one.


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