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New Endocrinologist.

She seems nice enough, and happy to take over from my old one (who's a bit too far away to see easily.)

She looked really familiar - I suspect she was a registrar when I was working at the attached public hospital many years ago. On the way out I bumped into the woman who'd employed me back then, who only vaguely remembered me (fair enough, it was a long time ago and I got CFS about six months into my contract). She asked which doctor I'd seen, I mentioned the name, and she knew who I was talking about, which confirmed my suspicions. All fine though, since my vague memory was of a nice person and a registrar.

She's okay about helping me work out just what's happening with my cortisol levels. When I next drop my prednisolone dose, I'm to have a blood test about a week later prior to my daily dose of prednisolone, and this will actually help determine whether the crappiness I am feeling is low cortisol or not. She also considers it quite normal that I might feel crap for a few weeks after each drop, where my gastro seems to think the crappiness should only be for a few days.

She mentioned that there are new drugs on the horizon for osteoporosis that are nothing like the bisphosphonates that did me so much damage, which is good news.

I asked what her beliefs were about CFS: she reckons a virus that we maybe haven't identified yet, possibly a post-viral syndrome, but it's not something she knows enough about to be certain. That's fine by me. All I look for these days is doctors who don't psychologise it, or assume that graded excercise will work, understand it's nasty and complex, and aren't afraid to acknowledge the lack of knowledge.

I had a nice zone-out session in the chapel. I tend to haunt hospital chapels as they are an oasis of calm in the world, a good pick-me-up.


But yowsa, I had another bad sleep last night and everything's sore. Really relieved there's nothing timetabled for the next few days as my equilibrium badly needs equilibriuming.

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Aug. 7th, 2014 12:41 pm (UTC)
The new endocrino sounds OK! I think there are fewer and fewer doctors these days who brush off CFS as being a psychological thing...and thank goodness for that!
Aug. 8th, 2014 07:41 am (UTC)
I think you're right - and it's such a relief.
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