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Lab tests are back for Tiger: it's basically progression of her renal failure. She possibly has high blood pressure as well, but finding that out might be tricky. My home visiting vet's blood pressure cuff isn't working, so I'd have to take her somewhere and of course, her blood pressure would most likely go up during a test anyway.

She thinks Tiger is pretty much on a knife-edge now, and doesn't expect she'll manage more than 6 months although she'll hopefully manage 3.

She mentioned the option of subcutaneous fluids but we agreed that might not be right for this particular cat and her owner. I feel Tiger would really hate this, I've done it before and while I know I can do it, I'm reluctant to.

So we've agreed to not take action, but simply consider euthanasia when it's obvious she's not enjoying life anymore.


I feel surprisingly okay about this. I guess the fact that I wasn't expecting more than six months really helps.


The decision not to do subcut fluids is a hard one to live with: the temptation to engage in heroic measures will always be there. But I would rather just enjoy the time we have and part as friends. But expect plenty of obsessive ponderings about the nature of life in the months ahead. (Unlike the rest of the time).


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Aug. 15th, 2014 05:05 am (UTC)
Huge squishy hugs for both you and Fuzzy Chops.
Aug. 15th, 2014 04:43 pm (UTC)
Even though you were expecting it, I'm sorry :(. Subcutaneous fluids have perked up some cats I've known, but my own early-kidney-failure cat utterly hates to be restrained for any reason, will freak out if I so much as hold her still to check her back for mats. I'm pretty much resolved to keep her happy as long as possible and not engage in any treatments long-term that would upset her. Meanwhile, one of the other cats is diabetic, and it's no bother to him at all if we want to inject him twice a day. So we do that. It really matters what's right for the cat.
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