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Feeling most discombobulated today. No reason, except that I got up a bit earlier than usual due to a coughing fit that wouldn't stop - but stopped once I was up. I may have to adjust my humidifier.

And then there's the usual business of not having an automatic-enough routine that I can just proceed, which means I actually have to think and make decisions about the day, and that in itself is stressful. The problem is that the solution doesn't work either. The solution is to plan ahead. The problem with that is that planning ahead can overwhelm and mess things up on account of both CFS and anxiety issues (overdoing it, and/or not sleeping because of stress). So I am forever performing a balancing act: a certain amount of daily routine and advance planning, a certain amount of letting things just turn out how they will because I have to listen to my body and just roll with the punches.

Oh bugger, this cough is back.

Which then means that I have to accept that my day does involve a certain amount of planning on the run, except that I don't run. And that the goals aren't for anything externally exciting, but usually only about the fairly humdrum minutae of existence.

Anyhoo. Enough. My plans now are to shower and dress, eat a carrot, and boil an egg for breakfast which will be eaten with yet more vegetable matter.

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