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So I just fell over in the backyard. I was squatting down to do some planting and lost my balance and went over backwards. Fortunately it was more of a backward roll than a flat out stack, thankyou childhood Judo teacher.

But it took a minute to get back my breath, reassure myself nothing was damaged, and feel the motivation to move. No damage except to dignity... and sense of confidence that I can look after myself.

Geez the last couple of days have been a shocking mess. On the plus side, I did find the bruxism splint I couldn't find last night (and in the bedroom where it should have been, not in the garden, but I was so vague yesterday that if I had found it under the worm farm, I wouldn't have been remotely surprised).

And I did get some gardening done: planted out a few random things I bought recently and worked off a bit of tension, put one old bag of unidentifiable gunk (now compost) on the front bed, and another in the compost bin. Also harvested some worm castings and am now starting up the next layer of the worm farm.

Now planning to just focus on all the other positives I can think of! Oh and I'll stay away from sharp things, ladders, and important life decisions for a while.

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Sep. 20th, 2014 08:29 am (UTC)
Oops. I nearly went a over t in the kitchen a few minutes ago...tripped up on my own feet. Think I might be a little weary.
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