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Thursday. Another Day In The Life Of

Alas, the day trip to Bendigo Art Gallery was cancelled, as this time Exboi! was unwell. As he put it, his turn to have a turn.

This trip has been rescheduled a few times now, enough that it's taken on the proportions of a monster that shall never be defeated. I keep gearing up for this big trip, postponing other things for it, but it keeps falling through! It's as though I shall never see those Greek buttocks. And willies. Don't forget the willies.

So being all dressed up with no place to go I had a nice long nap, then went out for a really late breakfast, then to the market where I bought sunglasses. Oh and I put air in Bazza's tyres at last.

But I'm feeling a bit broken - I seem to be in a state of perpetual anxiety these days. It's possible I'm just drinking way too much coffee, so I'm going to try and replace a couple of daily coffees with less caffeinated hot beverages.

Not helped by the fact that Her Fuzziness continues her slow decline. She turns her nose up at food more and more, eats less and less, and is now noticeably thinner. She grooms herself less successfully.

I've been pondering the business of waiting. The feeling you get when you're sitting and waiting for the life or someone or something to end. You hug, you make sad noises and you make reassuring and comforting noises. You do what you can. And it sometimes feels as though it's always been this way and it just goes on, day by day and hour by hour and minute by minute. (And in that order).

And at some point, suddenly, everything will irrevocably change.

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Sep. 25th, 2014 11:57 am (UTC)
No nuggets of wisdom from me as I am feeling particularly stupid these days. Just... *hugs*

I hope you get to see the bums and willies soon!
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