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If I Were Super Well Again.

I'd start by walking. Everywhere.

And digging, and weeding, and planting stuff.

I'd probably sew curtains, and paint and draw. Maybe attend classes.

I'd volunteer to teach English and adult literacy, because these things are important.

I'd learn a smattering of a number of local languages: polite phrases in each one. It's possibly that French and Chinese would get a look in too.

Then, once I felt more like myself again, I'd look for work or training opportunities. Probably training, first up. Possibly in ESL. Or landscape design. At this point, I'd probably start wondering about driving a car again, although if I get the way I want to be I'll be walking freely, and catching public transport with ease. Driving would simply be a handy skill. Curiously, I can't see myself on a bicycle at all, much as I love them.

I imagine that I'd like to travel. I would go to Perth to see BGWA and others. I'd go to Canberra to see J and HT. I go to Broome to see Broome. I'd walk through Tasmania.

After that, I have no idea. But I'm not sure that matters. I hope that one day it will matter, that I will find myself wondering what I will do for a job, but it probably will never happen or at least, not for a long time yet.

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