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Do All The Things!

I have contacted the people running the course (Comics And Graphic Novels) to see when it will next be run.

I am feeling overloaded. It's a great course but the learning curve is very steep. It *has* finally jolted me into working on a comic at last, which is great. But now that I have had that jolt, I think I want to chill out for a bit.

If it was only a comic project, or was only(!) a couple of essays, I could probably cope. But all at once is a bit much.

I still have medical appointments, I still have a few things I wish to attend (trip to the country to look at art, birthday dinner with family, political demonstration, possible visits to friends - all of which take more than a day to recover from), I still have shopping, gardening, the tending of a sick cat, and possible assistance to a friend in need. I still need to take some time getting my prednisolone down again. And the second essay is actually due in prior to the comic project as well. (And it's the comic that's the thing with the big, big learning curve).

If it's likely to come around again in less than a year, I'll chuck it in for now. Comic Artist friend, J., is coming round Monday week to do a spot of mentoring, and I'll keep that date because I do really want to do this. And who knows, maybe with this experience I'll have some momentum to keep going on my own, at my own pace. Maybe. And if not, then maybe I'll be better prepared next time.

I might feel differently tomorrow, and I'll keep going until I hear back about likely future courses, but right now it's looking like the sort of thing that will send me into a big crash.

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