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The Daily Ramble, Part One.

Okay, so after another night's poor sleep, my day has been...emotional.

Got a brief homecare visit, as I had to scoot out to my GP.

Very nearly cried while at my GP, because she was so kind and sympathetic about my current state, and said nice things about me. I also got a script for Zyban, which I won't start straightaway as I need to lower the dose of another drug I take (metoprolol, a beta blocker that keeps migraines away). We're repeating iron studies, because I'm fairly sure this is why my Restless Legs Syndrome is out of control right now. Unfortunately, having levels low enough to cause restless legs isn't low enough to allow an iron infusion, but we'll do one as soon as it is allowable. And I'll be in touch with my sleep specialist to see if he can somehow wrangle one sooner. (My gastro is the one I'd usually go to for this because it's a Crohn's Disease thing, but my new gastro doesn't see it that way. I guess since it's a restless legs matter, it's not his area). I am also to sort out a magnesium supplement, we'll be checking levels for that and zinc and other things on Monday.

She thinks I'd have a happier life if I lived in Europe rather than such a solitary place as [SrslyNorth] and I'm inclined to agree.

I've just had my first cigarette for the day at 6PM, which is an improvement. A difficult emotional time might not seem like the best time to quit, but right now I'm so crapped off at the fact that I smoke that I'm going to persist with it. It might even be helpful to be fighting something right now.

I want to go see this!

I'm really enjoying my daily dose of The Almighty Johnsons, but alas, I've only got about three episodes to go.

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Jan. 15th, 2015 02:50 pm (UTC)
I hope you do get to see the colour and light show. It looks like it would be a happy thing to do if that makes sense.
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