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Medical Update.

I had to cut short my fortnightly shopping trip. I had a funny turn. And it was quite unexpected. And it freaked my carer right out. Sudden loss of decision making capacity and full on sensory overload.

Haven't had that happen for a long time.

I came good enough to get a few things, but we came home early and I'll have to do the rest on Monday with my other carer.

I think I know why it did happen. Yesterday, I had my first dose of dihydroergotamine which was prescribed to assist with orthostatic intolerance. I have also had loose bowel actions, bloating and menstrual-like belly pain through the night.

And I have been warned that this drug could predispose me to serotonin syndrome as I'm also on an SSRI.

There's a possibility that the stomach problems are just my normal ol' Crohn's Disease, but after having that turn I now doubt that.

And that gastric bug from last week might be still kicking around in there. Maybe that's it.


On the plus side, on the basis of the stomach stuff alone I had already decided not to take a second dose today, but to hold off for a couple of days until my stomach settled down.

So I'm guessing I'm actually on the tail end of the reaction, even though I do still feel a bit floppy.

Unless I do actually establish that I've got a gastric bug, it looks like another therapeutic option bites the dust. I guess it will become apparent over the next couple of days.

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Mar. 13th, 2015 11:13 am (UTC)
Hoping things work out...
Mar. 13th, 2015 02:12 pm (UTC)
How frightening for you - I'm glad there was someone with you who could help out. I know The Swede can come over funny really suddenly and I'm always taken aback about how fast things go downhill. It's scary as you feel you can't plan things in case something happens.

I hope that it was just the gastric bug and that it won't involve juggling meds, which is a royal pain.
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