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Decent night's sleep. Not quite as full of beans as I'd like to be, but I guess I always want more than whatever I've got. (I tell myself it's part of the human condition and hope I'm right because it would suck to think it's just me.)

But it's certainly the case that stuff that looked impossible yesterday does not look impossible today.

In other news: things are happening in the house of Oddyseus! Those rude, boorish suitors have it got it coming, and then some.


And while I know it's a risky idea, I've just sucked on a nicotine lozenge for a few minutes. The reason is that I think I've seen a correlation between smoking and fewer symptoms of IBD (inflammatory bowel disease). And it is the case that in the last three months of not-smoking, my symptoms have increased.

It's not just me, there's research to back it up. The weird thing is that the research demonstrating a protective effect applies to ulcerative colitis (which I allegedly don't have) rather than Crohn's Disease (which I most definitely do have). However - I've been told more than once that although there is a definite Crohn's pathology, the appearance of my innards also looks a lot like ulcerative colitis. It's not inconceivable that I have both (and I've got relatives with ulcerative colitis) - and it wouldn't matter too much if I do in that the treatment is (usually) much the same.

Whether or not it's the nicotine that is the reason for the lowered symptoms - don't know. So whether ingesting nicotine will work - don't know. But I figure it's worth a shot.

If it pulls me back to smoking I'll have to stop the experiment and go back on Zyban.

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