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Fun With HTML.

1. Today I went back to have the parotid gland lump biopsied again. This time I asked for a local anasthetic, which was the right choice.

2. I am now absolutely buggered, as I was already buggered even before I went out. It was my own doing, because yesterday I went to the Sydney Road Street Party. I got there quite late, but certainly had as much time as I needed. Listened to Wil Wagner and thought I must surely know him from some other band, but he's only a little tacker of 27, so I guess not. Thoroughly appealed to my punk-folk sensibilities. Plenty of other good stuff too.

Some good small clothing labels (although unfortunately the "small" also referred to the normal size range)..and I did find me some new skirts.

Lots of vintage everything of course, but I prefer to find the bargains at the source rather than at the resale point(the source being my local tip shop, the resale point being trendy shops on Sydney Road with a 500% markup), although in defence of my apparent wankiness, I'm getting it cheaper because I am a better person.prepared to look elsewhere...?

And I already have a house of old stuff that I love, much of which *is* genuine childhood and family stuff. (And it's that sense of heritage and connection that people pay for, isn't it?)

The other thing one always sees is jewellery and trinkets. One current craze appears to be Indigenous North American. Right down to the "wise Indian chief" masks. Which is odd given that there doesn't appear to be a significant Indigenous North American community here, nor are we famous for travelling to their communities over there.

In case my overseas friends are wondering: you rarely see Indigenous Australian art/craft/trinket stalls at festivals. At least not in my experience, here in Melbourne. I don't know why, and I don't know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.

South American stuff is also strangely popular for a part of the world with whom we have few direct links.

I am very carefully not being horribly cynical here. Aren't you glad?

3. I recently blew my budget buying sex toys online. Whoops.

4. Also, last week when I was all worried about medical stuff and had some care time, I took my carer out to help me buy fish because I needed a break. I have found a small local aquarium run by an enthusiast, which I'm pleased about. He is nuts, which goes with the territory. And as part of his nuttiness (and, coincidentally, his highly effective sales technique) he had quite strong opinions about which fish I should buy.

He pointed me to some cute little bottom feeders, and I bought a couple home, but once I put them in the tank I realised they were pretty because they look just like the soothing surrounds of the bottom of the fishtank. In fact I only know they're still alive because they are systematically digging out the plants. At the shop they were in a tank with only minimal gravel coverage on the bottom, I should have thought to ask why.

Fucnking camouflage, that's why.

But I must admit it is very soothing to stare at the gravel for a while, waiting to see if my bottom feeders still exist. It usually takes about 2 minutes to find them.

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Mar. 7th, 2016 11:37 am (UTC)
That's a lot of activity!

It's weird but here Native American stuff is also popular. As for the South American...it always has been but then there are plenty of ties between Spain and there. Before the economic crisis hit full force, there were more Ecuatorians in Spain than in Quito.
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