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I am in the process of applauding myself for doing various routine things that had fallen by the wayside a bit.

Sing ho for clean undies!

And now that those things are sorted, I want to sort everything else because I have reached that point where simply keeping things at baseline is too much like hard work. That point where you can't put away clean towels because there's an avalanche whenever you open the cupboard, and working out what to wear is laborious because you have no system just a pile of dark coloured things that could be anything and probably should be hung up because they're wrinkling, or maybe washed or maybe chucked because whatever it is you haven't worn it since 2004.

Systems. I love them they're so beautiful.


Also I appear to be in the process of setting up a little tank next to the bathroom sink to use for quarantining sick fish, as one of my bitterlings is looking a bit stressed and has a poppy eye.

I swear I am not crazy. Nor am I obsessed. Although I do concede I might just need a boyfriend.

(Just for the record, according to the fish fancier websites that I go to, a quarantine tank is essential and everyone who cares for fish - I mean, really cares - are horrified that when last surveyed, only 4% of people who keep fish have quarantine tanks, omg.)

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Apr. 9th, 2016 02:40 pm (UTC)
Clean undies...my solution to that is to have several dozen for both of us so we rarely run out. A month's supply is a beautiful thing.
I always kept a small quarantine tank. Problems arise whan you have to quarantine more than one fish for two different ailments...so they don't infect each other.
Apr. 9th, 2016 10:57 pm (UTC)
Yoou have cupboards and shelves like that too huh?

The shelves in my wardrobe start off so well at the change of season, when I swap winter/summer clothing on to the shelf I can reach. At the moment its like a lucky dip - yank and see what I get to wear for the day.

Not helped by the fact that I refuse to discard even 30 year old t'shirts or jeans if they still have wear in them, and I might be that size again.

Crap. I'm so like my mother with this.
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