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I am a human starfish.

Yawning my head off.



I have some things to do.

1. I am still way behind with the paleography, but also a little alarmed.

I am a little alarmed because at the moment, whenever I do look at it, I wonder why I'm procrastinating because it's so easy, but other students are commenting lots on how hard it is. This could mean I have some special talent, or it could mean it's about to get freakishly hard. Or I could be missing something embarrassingly obvious about the whole process and am the dumbest person ever, in the history of the whole world.

The whole world, I tell you.

2. Finishing gloves for my sis-out-law. She has very non-standard fingers so I had to take them over last night for her to try on.

3. Finishing my own fingergless mitts. A few days ago, working on a left mitt, following a pattern, I decided to make some modifications on the fly. I was in the zone. It all made perfect sense. And it really did! The end result is better than the original design, if I may so myself.

And I was really enjoying that lovely sense of the spirit moving through me and guiding my fingers, praise the yarn.

It was so good, that I didn't feel the need to write down what I was doing because what I was doing was so self evident. Rational, perfect and tasteful. How else would you do it?

Which means now that I'm knitting the right mitt, I have had to stop at the point where I started knitting by inspiration while back on the left mitt, because I can't remember what I did.

And of course, whatever I did now needs to be done in reverse. So I am nutting out a written pattern, and then reversing it.

I really wish I could avoid this mystic, transcendetal knitting state when I'm working on pairs of things, who the fuck wants one good mitten?

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Jul. 17th, 2016 07:48 am (UTC)
Michael Jackson?
Jul. 18th, 2016 01:05 am (UTC)
I wouldn't be surprised if you were good at paleography. You've been doing it for a little while, and it's the sort of thing one develops an eye for. And you are an artistically-minded person, so I'd think you'd have a pretty good eye.

I love your charismatic knitting experience. The nice thing about cooking is that even if I forget to write down what was self evident, I rarely have to make a matching meal...
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