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The Daily Ramble, Part Two.

Homecare has been and gone, so the place is back up to scratch again.

It's local election time, and it's a postal vote here, so today my ballot papers arrived. Including statements from all local candidates. I am pleasantly surprised. When I lived over the other side of town, my ex and I used to read out some of the statements to each other for laughs - it seemed like every local obsessive with a grudge took this as a chance to campaign for just about anything that was *not* to do with local issues.

Boyfriend lives in the same area down there - and some of the same nutters are standing again. It's like a special Nutter's Triennial.

But up here in [SrslyNorth] candidates do seem to understand that at the very least, they should mention the name of the local area and what they think should happen here.

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Oct. 11th, 2016 01:54 pm (UTC)
My sister-in-law was complaining to me about the postal vote. Apparently, if you don’t get the papers by Wednesday, you’re supposed to go and pick up a set yourself. And today is Tuesday, the postie has been and her papers haven’t arrived and she is worried that she is going to have to find out where to go and then have to go there to collect them and it will be so much more work than she wants to do in order to vote for the idiots who are standing in her area. Local government often seems to attract those with some sort of axe to grind.
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