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Sshhhhhhh! I won't say this loudly because we know I jinx myself every time. But it's possible, maybe, that I'm not as sick this week as I was last week. Touchwood! Sshhhhhhh!


I went shopping today, mostly sat with a cuppa while my carer went back and forth - it was nice.

One more stall at the market has closed - the bargain bread place, which is a real loss. It was just regular brands of bread, but dirt cheap and it did a roaring trade. No warning.

Developers are circling the place and appealing every time their highrise plans get knocked back, the council is trying to negotiate, and meanwhile the rents are going up. Leases aren't being renewed, stallholders are on month-by-month arrangements.



And in answer to a recent question: when I talk about being disturbed by "world events" I do mean Trump. Mostly. I don't think it's *just* about him. There's a whole weird horrible process going on the US. I fear that even if the USA make it to the next scheduled elections, gerrymandering and coercion will prevent any change. And I also fear that enough people will respond the way they do to tyrants who both flatter and threaten: by doing what they are told.

These situations bring a certain type of person out of the woodwork, all over the place. And the normal people, with normal survival instinct, learn to look the other way, look down, and just get along. And pretend bad shit's not happening because that would break our hearts.


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Jul. 28th, 2017 02:13 pm (UTC)
I can't pretend that bad shit isn't happening and because of that my stomach hurts when I read the news every single day. I've had to look for hopeful glimmers that Good People still exist wherever I can find them. I know they do but online is a really bad place to be sometimes.
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