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Just a moseying along sort of update.

Um yes, well.

I'm sleeping well, this is a good thing.

I just got Dave's DVD drive/burner problem sorted - with a new external burner. Dave mostly sits on my lap right here anyway, and I only ever burn stuff when he's sitting on the little table in front of me, so this won't be too onerous. Although of course, once you start doing 'almost as good as...' fixes, you are on the downhill run.

Went out on Bazza to do this. Ye Gods, it's Christmas out there. Or maybe just peak hour, but all I was doing was pootling along the footpath and it seemed like everyone, pedestrians and drivers alike, were in shitty moods. And people weren't getting out of my way like they usually do. Don't get me wrong - I'm clear about my rights. I'm also very polite, safety conscious and not inclined to go at speed when there's people around (I prefer slow strolling anyway). However, it's easier for other people to move out of my way than for me to move out of theirs. It's also safer as Bazza weighs a lot and the more swerving and unpredictable movement I do, the more likely it is that I'm going to hit someone I haven't seen coming up the rear. So I tend to hold to a straight line(even if I have to slow down) and generally people respond by getting out of my way and being perfectly okay about it.

But today, people were playing chicken with me. In the end I took to keeping to my straight line but averting my eyes, which worked so well I might start doing it all the time.

Don't get me wrong, most people were civil as always, but there's definitely an increasing number of stress monkeys out there. I plan to stay indoors as much as possible until the 25th.

Oh and then when I got home I tried getting Bazza in the front door while standing next to him and ran him over my foot, thus confirming (in case I was in any doubt) everything I've said about him weighing quite a bit more than your average animal bar. Then he went smack into the front door, for I am Ms Coordinato-noodle. Or maybe not. Something tells me I'll never be invited to join the Precision Driving Team at the Royal Melbourne Show. (Do they even have that anymore?)

I'm fine, my foot's fine and the door is okay. But I'm really looking forward to the day we finally build that proper place to keep him that doesn't require precision driving.


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Dec. 2nd, 2008 12:01 am (UTC)
i find it amusing, the idea that people would play chicken with a mobility scooter.
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