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Ok. 3:30 and I'm starting to party up a bit, having slept until 1:30.

Took a while though.


Still waiting for the good effects of the iron infusion. Right now tea tastes funny, kind of ... metallic. And my joints need oiling. I have no proof this is the iron infusion, but I'm guessing it is.

I've been reading LJ lately and seeing a bunch of things worthy of comment but have lacked the spoons to do so. Bah. And sorry.

But it's not all bad: it's a nice sunny day and I've got RRR going very quietly and it's a good Sunday afternoon mix. Three cheers for non-playlisted radio! 10B is being a doing-bear as he prepares for the Event Of The Year, but doesn't seem wigged out and overwhelmed. So this is all good.


About the clinical trial:

I was not expecting this to be so stressful, for both of us. It's the uncertainty, the up-in-the-airness of it all.

And that's not because of whether it's going well or badly, it's just the nature of the process.

And the business of not treating my symptoms the way I usually would and getting at least a partial result (albeit with nasty side effects).

And there's no real way of knowing whether any experience I have at the moment is this drug, or something else. If my mood is low, is that an effect of the drug? If I'm more exhausted, less exhausted, achey...? If I'm having negative side effects, will they pass? Hell, are they the drug or not?

We don't regret the decision. But I do think that if for any reason I were to come off the trial, we'd probably both need a bit of a breather before I volunteer for another one.


And for those who are curious: at the moment, I genuinely have no idea whether I'm on placebo or the real thing.



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Mar. 29th, 2009 08:42 am (UTC)
I can imagine that a clinical trial would be hell to deal with. It would be for me mentally at the very least. And in your case you're dealing with an illness that causes great stress in all senses and now you can't use your tried and true methods. You are very brave!

*my imaginary hat is off to you*

ewwwww...metallic tea.
We will indeed do coffee instead.
Mar. 29th, 2009 10:53 am (UTC)
Sending some virtual spoons your way --O --o --o

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