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General la-di-da update.

Bored now.

I think it's bedtime.

Walked up the street today and was singularly horrified at how quickly I got puffed out. It happens every time I walk 50 metres or more, but it still wigs me out.

I am still not used to being That person.

But then I get a shock whenever I see my reflection because I'm not overweight either. Or middle-aged.

Height doesn't freak me though, because in spite of what everyone says, I'm not short. Unexpected reflections - those same ones that sneak in the overweight middle aged woman - confirm that I am of average height because I'm always the same height as my reflection, we look eye to eye. So I guess I am quite normal in the height department.


In health news, my CPAP machinekeeps trying to drown me while I sleep. It must have been something I said. Most disconcerting.

And the trouble is, it might actually succeed because the mask I use has the air outlet up much higher than my nostrils, which means I've started pulling the doona right up over my mouth and up to my nose. Why? Because I can! It's really scrummy and warm and secure feeling, with the little air outlet sort of almost between my eyes, blowing away from me and annoying the cat. But it does mean that if I start drowning it won't work to open my mouth and breathe because I'll just get a mouthful of deadly smothering doona. It's so unfair.


In televisual news, we have become very keen on Veronica Mars even though it makes our brains dribble out of our ears.


No medical appointments this week. No waiting rooms, no doctors, no bloody faffing around. Bliss!


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Aug. 31st, 2009 09:45 pm (UTC)
Veronica Mars!!! I adored season one. Season two gave me panic attacks. I skipped season three because of the panic attacks and because everyone kept telling me it sucked.

I still keep meaning to go back an re-watch S1 though. Good times.
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