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Pooh Sockage.

No trip out tonight. xanni_au's birthday shall have to be celebrated by others.

Bah humbug. *And* it was another 42nd birthday, giving me another chance to wear my PJs and dressinggown out. Which would be very handy since I haven't managed to get dressed yet today.

(However, being in a restaurant, I confess I was planning only to take my dressinggown and put in on when I got there).

Oh and for added pooh-sockage, it's at tiny, tiny Yamato's. I love that place.


I have been doing that thing where I keep thinking that I'm sure I'll be okay soon, and then after sitting for a while feel okay enough to get up for a bit, whereupon I realise I'm not that okay after all. If getting washed and dressed seems like too much hassle, then driving into town and walking (or even chairing) into a restaurant and sitting upright and maybe conversing with people, and perhaps also having to do things like walk to the toilet...damnit.

Mind you, I could just lean on 10B and let him do the conversing for both of us. And they might have booked the 'function room', which at Yamato's means a curtained off corner, but one where I wouldn't feel too conspicuous lying down...


I'd originally set this post to private. But then I did a big heave-ho and got srubbed up, so I'm now resetting it to not-private because we did go and Lo! It Was Good. And we did have the corner room thingy which meant I really could just sit cross legged and lean against the wall in my dressinggown. Heh.


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Sep. 26th, 2009 09:54 pm (UTC)
hey I'm glad you got to go out! and that the space was conducive to your needs. Much as I love being at home, I go a bit loopy if I have to be here for too long. Cabin fever sets in and a narrow view of the world. Interwebs do help the latter a bit.
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