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Tidying up.

Today I freecycled my old non-working sewing machine. Every time I freecycle something I'm stunned at just how hassle free it turns out to be. You say what it is, someone puts their hand up, you leave it on the porch and it goes away.

I also planted seeds. There will be more seed planting this week if my body holds out. No drama if it doesn't - this is about my little 'cut and come again' garden for salad greens and such, which is trundling along quite nicely and can also be allowed to go fallow when it's all too much.


Yesterday we discovered a new cheapish Chinese place that looks promising, although I've now established I don't like the Westlake duck. Too sweet for my tastes, and don't even get me started on the pineapple. But they have an enticing list of things I've never tried before, so we will be going back.


This Wednesday I'm getting my carer to take some books and clothes to the Brotherhood, having established that their nearest drop-off point is actually really close by.

Other than that, I have only one proper appointment outside the house this week, what bliss! This actually makes socialising later in the week seem feasible.


The week before last I mailed some yarn to a person who contacted me through Ravelry. She agreed to pay postage and a token amount on top of that, but hasn't done so yet. She has not responded to a reminder email. She is in the phone book, but I figure people who are prepared to be so mean are probably quite used to being arseholes in real life as well, and she knows where I live as well. A lesson learnt.


I wish I lived closer to friends.

I also wish I could read more.

I want some more food from that Chines place for tea....


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