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Am sipping coffee and chilling out. And thinking life would be so much easier if I were the Mark Antony as depicted by James Purefoy in HBO's Rome. I'd fart and express opinions without feeling either embarrassed or like I need to justify myself. So much less effort.

It must be nice to know you've got the biggest cock in the room - and to _know_ that this makes you the most powerful person there and to know that everyone else seems to know this too.

Trouble is, no one would notice if I dressed like a bloke, I'd just look like a heavy middle aged woman who's given up trying. Tits give you away every time.


This is one of those days where I slouch around daydreaming(often quite excitedly) about the zillion things I'd like to do. Then I do something wild and whacky like actually try and *do* something and am brutally reminded that my plans for world domination are not yet feasible.

Today it's world domination through the keeping of birdbaths, outdoor fish and aquatic plants. Also, selling something on eBay for the first time ever and looking into that Etsy idea for viking beanies that I keep going on about. And other random possibilities, do you really want the list?

Funnily enough, the important bit of sewing that's to be done today is not on my mind, least not in the exciting world-domination-through-interesting-little-hobbies kind of way. It's in the corner, being sullen.

Bought some more fish the other day, for the outside tub. There were two in there already but they weren't enough to keep the mosquito population down so I added six more. And the next day I saw no fish at all. I was feeling a bit guilty and somewhat annoyed at the local bird population who had thus far appeared completely disinterested in the contents of the bath but who I now suspected had been tricking me and just biding their time.

But I am pleased to announce that at least some of the fish have mysteriously reappeared. Today I counted five, including the two larger ones that were already there. There may be more, but that's the largest number that I've seen all at once.

I wonder where they went in the meanwhile.


In a moment of action about 60 mintues ago now, I braved the outdoors to revamp a pot of iris that sits in the bathtub - when the water level is up, the fish get in to the top of the pot which means if the water level drops down when I'm not looking for a couple of days, they get stuck. After all, they are fish not rocket scientists and they do not have good skills in forward planning. I've cut a chunk out of the side of the pot down to well below the soil line, and raised the middle with stones and dirt. This way they should be able to come and go easily.

I still have a fucking big pot(TM) waiting to be waterproofed for waterlillies, with the probably addition of a couple of fish. The intention is for a serene, contemplative thingy. Our yard feels so busy and full these days that I'm finding myself attracted to simple looking plants.

Also *still* on the to-do list is the full anti-rust and paint job on the bathtub so that it looks as good(at ten paces) as the indoor claw foot tub that it once was. The intention is for a fancy looking bathtub in the yard, full of plants but with a pristine, bathtubby look.

There's an option on the bathtub for either continued exploration of water plants or pulling the plug and using it for water chestnuts, which need sludge and poor drainage so apparently a bathtub without a plug is perfect. But how much do we want water chestnuts? (In this instance the fish would go into the new, serene and stylish waterlily pot). And how much do I want to do waterplants other than waterlilies? I've not had a huge amoutn of luck so far with regular waterplants, although I've not really bent my mind to them properly yet.

Birds are still unconvinced by the child's wading pool.

They are, however, once again very keen on drinking from an old sytrofoam box that was on the ground in an increasingly bushy (and hence cat-friendly) position. It's now in an elevated position on the old barbeque. I like this spot too, because it's visible from the back door.

That styrofoam box is about 10 years old now and still going strong. Refuse from one of the restaurants that uses the laneway.

So many things I daydream about doing. I'm sure I've been through all this musing before, and here I am going through it all again. One day...


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Jan. 22nd, 2010 08:21 am (UTC)
Can you do water chestnuts in pots or do they need running water?
I'm dreaming of water irises and fishies now.
Jan. 22nd, 2010 10:01 am (UTC)
It's more that they need boggy conditions, I think. Hence a bathtub full of mud, but with the plug out, so there's a bit of flow through but not much.

My daydreams are contagious, weeee!

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